The Hotwire #47: November 28, 2018


Destroy borders—Wallywood—Yellow Vests—Fuck Thanksgiving—Season’s last episode

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It’s our last episode of the season! We have a big report on the Yellow Vests movement in France, and how it shows the need to move beyond the loyal opposition of centrism versus fascism. We say fuck Thanksgiving some, fuck the border a lot, fuck border patrol even more, fuck the government, fuck pipelines, fuck Wal-Mart, but thanks so much to all our wonderful listeners. Stay anarchy.

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Intro {0:00}
    • Headlines {0:48}
    • Fuck Thanksgiving {5:00}
    • Migrant caravan news and interview {7:20}
    • Yellow Vests movement—fuck “apoliticism,” fuck centrism, fuck fascism {21:10}
    • Repression roundup {28:00}
    • Next Week’s News {35:30}
  • Download 29:30 minutes long version.

  • Upcoming events/demos/etc:
  • In response to the California fires, North Valley Mutual Aid is organizing with community members to provide support for those affected. They’re currently asking for donations via their gofundme. Please also let them know if you have specific materials to donate or otherwise want to get involved on the ground; the Wallywood encampment is in Chico, California, in the Wal-Mart parking lot. And anyone from Paradise and the surrounding communities is encouraged to get in touch with ideas and needs to keep their efforts centered on those impacted directly who might not know their community is here to help in this manner. They can be reached at

  • Check out North Shore Counter Info for developments on the Locke Street case in Hamilton, Ontario.

  • The Unistoten Camp is in need of support to stop TransCanada from coming into their indigenous territory. They’re asking people to come join the efforts, donate, and start solidarity campaigns! Visit for more information.

  • You can donate to the commissary of water protector Rattler through his support campaign, at or send him a letter at:

    Michael Markus 06280–073
    FCI Sandstone
    P.O. BOX 1000
    SANDSTONE, MN 55072

  • Urgent call for a email/phone zap! Supporters of the Virgin Island 3 are imploring folks to help get them released from prison by pressuring the Governor to commute their sentences. Join with the Philly Anarchist Black Cross to help get them free. Because the Governor’s term is ending, time is truly of the essence and NOW is the time to contact him and express support for their commutation applications. You can remind the Governor that one of their co-defendants received a pardon back in 1994 and THERE’S NO REASON these men have been held for an additional 24 years. Please write a letter in support of their commutation, you can mail, email, or fax one in.

    Email letters to the Executive Assistant to the Governor:

    Call the officials in charge of reviewing the commutation applications: Governor Mapp’s Office: (340) 774–0001
    Lt. Governor Potter’s Office: (340) 774–2991
    Attorney General Claude Walker: (340) 773–0295
    Legal Counsel E. Henderson: (340) 712–2212

    Postal mail for commutation support letters: 

    Governor Kenneth Mapp
    Government House
    21–22 Kongens Gade
    Charlotte Amalie
    St. Thomas, VI 00802

    Lt. Governor Osbert Potter
    Office of the Lieutenant Governor
    1131 King Street, Suite 101
    St. Croix, VI 00820

    Write to the Virgin Islands 3 to show support directly:

    Warren Ballentine #16–047
    Tallahatchie Correctional Facility
    415 US Highway 49N
    Tutwiler, MS 38963

    Beaumont Gereau #16–001
    Tallahatchie Correctional Facility
    415 US Highway 49N
    Tutwiler, MS 38963

    Meral Smith #16–024
    Tallahatchie Correctional Facility
    415 US Highway 49N
    Tutwiler, MS 38963

  • The Vaughn trials are ongoing! You can check out for more information.

  • You can watch footage on the ground of resistance against G20 at, a rebel tv station occupying the airwaves in Buenos Aires. We’ve also been keeping a daily logbook over at

  • Visit to learn more about the Hambacher Forest and the efforts to protect it, or better yet, if you’re anywhere near Cologne, visit the Hambach Forest yourself to join in on the resistance!

  • To find the best ways to support the migrant caravans travelling to the US-Mexico border, look up Commotion.World. They have lots of useful info—from listing the physical items that are needed, to who you can trust to donate to, to what you can do if you want to actually be on the ground, to a map of ICE detention centers and business that contract with ICE.

  • There is a call out for solidarity actions with anarchists in Russia, who are currently experiencing brutal state repression. You can read more about the situation on

  • Some other great podcasts to listen to, while we’re off the air:

  • Over the next month, use this straightforward guide to writing prisoners from New York City Anarchist Black Cross to write birthday messages!

    • On December 3, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, an outspoken revolutionary prisoner active with the New Afrikan Black Panther Party and the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee.

      Kevin Johnson #264847
      Indiana Department of Corrections
      Reception-Diagnostic Center
      737 Moon Road
      Plainfield, IN 46168

    • December 4 is the birthday of Reality Winner, the alleged NSA whistleblower who is currently being held while awaiting trial on charges of leaking classified documents to the media.

      Reality Winner #22056–021
      FMC Carswell
      Post Office Box 27137
      Fort Worth, Texas 76127

    • December 15 is the birthday of Muhammad Burton, one of the Philly 5, a group of men accused of an alleged attack on a police station that killed one cop. Burton has maintained his innocence since his arrest.

      Fred Burton AF 3896
      SCI Somerset
      1590 Walters Mill Rd
      Somerset, PA 15510 USA

    • On December 17, Connor Stevens, one of the “Cleveland 4”, activists entrapped in a bomb plot set up by the FBI in order to repress the Occupy movement.

      Connor Stevens #57978–060
      FCI Jesup
      2680 Highway 301 South
      Jesup, Georgia 31599

    • Also on December 17, Alejandro Rodriguez-Ortiz, one of the Vaughn 17 prisoners currently facing charges for alleged participation in an uprising in early 2017.

      Alejandro Rodriguez-Ortiz
      SBI# 00515700
      Sussex Correctional Institution
      P.O. Box 500
      Georgetown DE 19947

    • On December 30, Casey Brezik, an anarchist prisoner serving time for an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the governor of Missouri.

      Casey Brezik #1154765
      Farmington Correctional Center
      1012 West Columbia Street
      Farmington, MO 63640

    • And, on December 31 another Vaughn 17 prisoner, Jonathan Rodriguez, celebrates his birthday.

      Jonathan Rodriguez SBI# 00593313
      Sussex Correctional Institution
      P.O. Box 500
      Georgetown DE 19947

  • Sales are OPEN for the 2019 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar! The theme of next year’s calendar is Health/Care, and it features art and writing from current and former political prisoners like David Gilbert, Mike and Chuck Africa, and Laura Whitehorn. If you buy 10 or more, be sure to use the discount code “BULK” to get 10 or more calendars for $10 each—you can then sell the calendars to fundraise for your own organizing.

    • In Hotwire 46 we incorrectly reported that Mapuche villager Camilo Catrillanca was 14 years old when he was killed by police. In fact, he was 24 and a father.